Community-based prevention of alcohol-related injuries: Possibilities and experiences

Marja Holmila, Katariina Warpenius


Holmila, M. & Warpenius, K. (2012). Community-based prevention of alcohol-related injuries: Possibilities and experiences. International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research, 1(1), 27-39. doi: 10.7895/ijadr.v1i1.43 (

Aims: This paper discusses the possibilities of community-based prevention of alcohol-related injuries by summarizing the results from the Finnish Local Alcohol Policy (PAKKA).

Design: Quasi-experimental controlled pre-/post-intervention design.

Setting: The Finnish community-based prevention project PAKKA is described as an example of prevention that combines into one process the three necessary prevention elements: affecting the environment, grassroots enforcement of legislation, and education.

Participants: Two intervention areas and two matched control areas.

Measurements: Triangulation: purchase trials, school- and population survey and register data.

Results: There were reductions in alcohol availability among minors and among intoxicated customers, an increase in abstinence among underaged youth and some changes in attitudes and knowledge on age-limit control.

Conclusions: The results of PAKKA show that community-based action has the potential to produce results in all three prevention elements. One of the challenges is how to use community mobilization to target those who are less supportive of community interventions.


injury prevention; alcohol related harms; community-based prevention; alcohol policies;

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